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Platform Settings

The platform ships with default settings that can be updated if required.

Event Data Retention Interval

Inbound and Outbound event data is purged at regular intervals from the database. The default data retention interval is 3 days.

This interval can be changed as below:

  1. Login to the docker container running PostgreSQL database.
docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/sh
  1. Execute the following command to login to the database.
psql -h localhost -U postgres -d elcptn
  1. Once logged in, execute the following query to change the interval. 86400000 in the query below represents 24 hour interval in milliseconds. Change this value as per your needs.
INSERT INTO settings (key, value, system_managed) VALUES ('', '86400000', false)
  1. Logout from the container.

Event Processing Batch Size

Event processor reads queued outbound events in batches for processing. The default batch size for querying the events is 100.

The default batch size can be changed by setting an environment variable in the Processor service.

Update docker-compose.yml to set QUERY_BATCH_SIZE environment variable with the required batch size value and restart the processor service.